Can I Join the Jockey Club

In the United Kingdom, the Jockey Club is the gatekeeper of horse racing. Since its founding, it has developed in its duties for Horse Racing throughout the UK while remaining true to its heritage as the gatekeeper for the Sport of Kings in one of the continent’s most watched horse racing jurisdictions.

Can I Join the Jockey Club? Yes, you can join the Jockey Club There are different types of Memberships available to the general racing public to be a Member of the Jockey Club. A Punter could purchase an Annual Membership, a Racepass 18 to 24 or a Reward4Racing membership.

In 1964, the Jockey Club added a new string to its bow, continuing to strive for the interests of British Horseracing. With the purchase of the Cheltenham Racecourse, the Jockey Club Racecourses (then Racecourse Holdings Trust) was formed to ensure the track’s survival.

Soon after, Wincanton (1966), Nottingham (1967), Warwick (1967), and Market Rasen (1968) joined the Group, assuring the racecourses’ continuing survival as famous landmarks across the United Kingdom. Newmarket Racecourses joined the Group in 1974, Haydock Park in 1978, and Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, home of the Grand National, in 1982. The Annual Membership choices would apply to all fifteen racecourses owned and operated by the Jockey Club.

The government turned over the National Stud to The Jockey Club in April 2008, revitalizing the renowned breeding enterprise and its educational initiatives. The Jockey Club, the sport’s major commercial institution that works inside a modern corporate structure, encourages investment and innovation in British Racing.

Membership Options Including Loyalty Programmes

In 2010, The Jockey Club launched horse racing‘s first-ever loyalty program, Rewards4Racing, and remains a significant investor in the Racing for the Change initiative. They also want to attract the younger generation to their racecourses by initiating a Racepass 18-24 form of Membership. The Jockey Club is based in central London, beside the British horseracing authority.

With Rewards4Racing, you can collect points when shopping or betting online with over 4,000 partners and when purchasing your Raceday tickets. The points you’ve collected can be spent on rewards such as tickets and hospitality upgrades, and the programme is free to use. As a member, you will also have access to an exclusive members area where you can get discounts and offers with all of Rewards4Racing’s partners, including Jockey Club Racecourses.

RacePass 18 to 24 is The Jockey Club’s only way to allow you to enjoy world-class Horse Racing for half-price. The Jockey Club hosts 340+ Race Days that are part of this offer, including many of the sport’s crown jewel events such as The Festival(™) at Cheltenham, The Randox Health Grand National at Aintree, The QIPCO Guineas Festival at Newmarket and The Derby at Epsom Downs.

The British Horseracing Authority and the Jockey Club – Integral to Horse Racing in the UK

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is critical to the smooth operation of Horse Racing in the United Kingdom, as well as its preservation and longevity. They work relentlessly to ensure that race meetings around the nation are conducted quickly, equitably, and per the laws and regulations of the Horseracing controlling organizations.

The Jockey Club is the most crucial commercial horse racing organization in the United Kingdom. It owns 15 of the most prestigious racecourses in the United Kingdom, including Aintree, Cheltenham, Epsom Downs, and the Rowley Mile and July Course at Newmarket. Racing Welfare, a registered charity, is also a company limited by guarantee, with the Jockey Club as its only shareholder. The Royal Charter governs it, and all profits are reinvested in the sport.

Historical Background – The Pertinent Facts

It was established as one of the most elite high society social clubs in the United Kingdom, with some of the functions of a gentleman’s club, such as high-level socializing. The club’s earliest meetings were conducted at the “Star and Garter” pub in Pall Mall, London, before relocating to Newmarket, renowned as “The Home of Racing” in the United Kingdom.

It was traditionally the dominant organization in British Horseracing, and it was in charge of day-to-day regulation of the sport of horse racing until 2006. In 1758, it approved its first resolution requiring all riders to weigh in after a race, a ruling that remains part of current-day Raceday.

Before 2006 & Current Day

Prior to 2006, it was one of three organizations in charge of horse racing in the United Kingdom, together with the British Horseracing Board (a spin-off of The Jockey Club) and the Horserace Betting Levy Board. However, in 2006, the Horseracing Regulatory Authority (HRA) took over all of these laws and regulatory processes.

This significant reorganization arose from recognising that the previous System may not meet current needs rather than from a fundamental flaw in the present architecture. The HRA ceased to exist on July 31, 2007, when its regulatory duties were united with the British Horseracing Board’s governance obligations to establish the new British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

Governance & Structure of the Jockey Club – An Executive Overview

The Jockey Club is managed by executives accountable to the Board of Stewards, with the Senior Steward being the board chairman. There were seven Stewards as of December 2017, including the Senior Steward and Deputy Senior Steward.

Individuals may be chosen for the position of Member, and all are effectively trustees of the Jockey Club. However, they may not benefit financially from their involvement as all revenues received are reinvested in British Racing.

Horse Racing is the Jockey Club

The Jockey Club and its representatives ensure that all the structures within the Horseracing Fraternity in the United Kingdom are in good hands going into the future. They ensure that integrity and trust are implicit during Racedays and that the punting public trusts the System.

Horse Racing is a Global Sport, and pictures of UK Horseracing are beamed across the World daily. With the Jockey Club in charge, the Racing Public of the various jurisdictions that take these live horse racing pictures, Joe Punter knows that Horse Racing continues to be a well-oiled machine across the United Kingdom.

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